Oops, they did it again. Another illegal immigrant has been accused of murdering three Americans.

Brian Omar Hyde, a 19-year-old Belizean national, was held without bail Saturday after being charged with the brutal murder of three people in Florida, including his pregnant 17-year-old cousin Starlett Pitts and his aunt Dorla Pitts, reported Fox News.

He fled Belize to avoid being brought up on charges of assaulting a police officer last November, according to Fox. He was tried in absentia in his home country and found guilty. He has a six-month jail sentence awaiting him in Belize. He was also wanted on charges of robbing a cell phone store and was a suspect in a double homicide.

“ICE has filed a request with the Lee County Sheriff’s Office for notification if they intend to release the individual from custody,” the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement said in a statement on Friday.

Police detailed that the victims were killed by a repeated “sharp force trauma” to the head and neck. It appeared they did try to defend themselves as they were being attacked.

Hyde fled the scene after the murders before being stopped in Fort Myers, Florida in an SUV for a traffic violation. He was arrested for driving without a license. The police reported that he was covered in blood on his bare feet, shoes, and pants.

Source: Illegal immigrant accused of murdering three in Florida home invasion – Red Alert Politics