This is exactly why America loves Andrea Tantaros…

Fox News personality and “Outnumbered” co-host Andrea Tantaros has become fairly well-known for her blunt yet insighful commentary on the day’s current events.

She has earned quite a few fans for her outspoken opposition to President Barack Obama on a number of issues — and the fact that she’s not hard to look at probably hasn’t lost her any support.

Now Tantaros has likely gained even more followers after she posted this selfie to Instagram, though they most likely support the message being promoted on her shirt more so than they are supporting her.

The Fox News star posted a picture of herself wearing a pink T-shirt featuring the silhouette of the hugely popular AR-15 rifle along with the defiant phrase well-known to Second Amendment supporters: “Come and Take It.”

The phrase is derived from the ancient Greek phrase “Molon Labe,” said to have been uttered by a defiant King Leonidas of the Spartans when ordered by the invading Persians to disarm his vastly outnumbered men.

Source: Andrea Tantaros Puts On Amazing T-Shirt And Snaps Selfie… The Internet Is Thanking Her For It