Dear Fellow Conservative,

Congress is terrified about what they call “the ‘I’ word” — impeachment.

In fact, Congressional Leaders have reserved their harshest words NOT for the President who’s shredding the Constitution with his illegal amnesty decree, but for those who might seek to impeach him!

“‘Impeaching the president, shutting down the government are bad responses, inappropriate responses to an immature decision by this president’, Sen. Lindsey Graham said. ‘Don’t respond as a third-grader because someone else did’…

Based on his almost 28 years of experience in the Senate, McCain said, he would strongly discourage any calls for impeachment.

‘[Such talk would] ignore the lessons of the past,’ he said. ‘That’s the problem with having some of these new young punks around here. They don’t listen to old geezers…’ (International Business Times, 11/20)

For Sen. Tom Cole, even the thought of defunding Obama’s abuse of power is a ‘bridge too far’.

“Oklahoma Rep. Tom Cole, who often represents the thinking of House Republican leadership, was blunt: ‘Don’t be stupid about how you respond’…

‘You have every right to be upset. [Obama’s move] is an inappropriate action,” Cole said he told lawmakers. “But shutting down the government is not the right response. CRs aren’t the right response.” (International Business Times, 11/20)

No doubt, GOP Leaders are terrified of offending the 6 million new Democrat voters Obama has “brought out of the shadows”.

But here’s the FULL truth — Congressional Leaders in BOTH political parties wholeheartedly support amnesty for illegals.

GOP Leaders want cheap foreign labor and the Democrats want new voters.

Privately, both are tickled to death that Obama has done the dirty work on amnesty.

But what Congress fails to recognize is that Obama’s illegal power grab won’t stop with ‘Executive Amnesty’.

Executive Amnesty is ONLY the beginning of the Obama executive orders.

In fact, the National Rifle Association has already sounded the alarm about a new Obama ‘end-run around Congress’— implementation of a U.N. gun control treaty the Senate has rejected.

Given Congress’ non-consequential response to Obama’s amnesty diktat, what would deter him from acting again?

Obama’s Executive Amnesty cannot be allowed to stand.

Whether it is through impeachment or defunding — Congress must act now to Stop Obama.

Help Keep the Heat on Congress