Did you notice this?

Many Americans are still shaking with fury after Iran captured 10 American sailors and held them for several hours after the Americans’ boat allegedly drifted into Iranian waters due to a technical malfunction.

David French wrote for the National Review that Iran actually broke international law during its detention of the U.S sailors, but of course that doesn’t mean anything to the Obama administration — it’s been busy hailing this as some sort of diplomatic victory.

Iran released a photo of the American sailors sitting in a room during their detention, as well as video of the moment that the sailors were captured by the Iranian forces.

“This photograph violates international law. Article 13 of the Geneva Convention (III), governing the treatment of prisoners of war, requires Iran to protect prisoners against ‘insults and public curiosity,’” wrote French.

Captured Americans

“This photograph — including a female sailor apparently forced to wear a headscarf — is a quintessential example of ‘public curiosity’ and would be interpreted as insulting throughout the Muslim world,” the article stated.

As the world’s leader state sponsor of terrorism, Iran has never much cared for the Geneva convention. It shouldn’t be a surprise that they would use the capture of 10 Americans as a propaganda coup, regardless of international law.

“The sight of members of the American military, disarmed and under Iranian control, is of enormous propaganda value in Iran’s ongoing war against the United States,” French wrote.

“To its allies in the Middle East, the photo demonstrates Iran’s strength — how many jihadist countries have had this many American service members under their power? — and it demonstrates American weakness,” the article continued.

Source: Americans OUTRAGED After Noticing 1 Small Detail in Photo of U.S. Sailors Captured by Iran