, the world’s biggest retailer, recently had some explaining to do after social media users spotted a vulgar anti-cop shirt for sale on the website.

The black shirt for sale had the phrase, “F*** The Police” on the front, in bold white letters that were decorated in red blood splatter, which is about as inappropriate as a shirt could possibly be.

An unedited image of the shirt as displayed on Amazon is displayed below — but be warned, because it’s just that: unedited.

Thousands of unhappy users voiced their displeasure with Amazon and used social media to launch an online boycott of the retailer until they agreed to take the listing down — which they did within a matter of hours.

“Since its boycott day, let’s start another with this crap: #boycottamazon ,” Twitter user @PoliceinFla said.

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“@amazon can’t believe you guys allow this to be sold on your site. 800k cops in U.S. #boycottamazon,” Dennis Farris tweeted.

Warning: The image below contains graphic language. 

amazon shirt

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