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When President Barack Obama executed a deal last year that would lift sanctions previously imposed upon Iran in exchange for the country shrinking its nuclear program, conservatives warned that it was a poor — and possibly dangerous — agreement.

Now, the White House has announced that, although the deal was made roughly six months ago, the Obama administration is still not prepared to act if Iran breaks the agreement, according to Reuters.

Washington reportedly needs “more time” to prepare sanctions over Iran’s ballistic missile program, but the delay was not a result of pressure from Iranian officials, said deputy national security adviser Ben Rhodes.

Instead, it’s apparently just another day of this administration being unprepared to handle world affairs.

“We have additional work that needs to be done before we would announce additional designations, but this is not something that we would negotiate with the Iranian government,” Rhodes told reporters in Hawaii, where President Barack Obama is on vacation.

That’s right. The president is on vacation while key aspects of a critical weapons agreement remain unfinished. Anyone surprised?

Clearly, this is something that deserves the utmost concern, as Iranian President Hassan Rouhani recently ordered his defense minister to expand Iran’s missile program in defiance of a U.S. threat to impose sanctions over a ballistic missile test Iran carried out in October, Reuters said.

Meanwhile, implementation of the agreement between Iran and other world powers was on track after Iran complied and shipped its stockpile of low enriched uranium out of the country, though it still had many other important things to complete, Rhodes said.

Well isn’t this just a fine “howdoyado?” Obama is all-talk and no action. The only actions he consistently takes (other than golf) are ones that jeopardize our nation and the American people.


Source: ALERT: Obama Admits He Is Unprepared If Iran Breaks Nuclear Deal… Nation Is In Grave Danger