United Nations free use

The U.N. needs to learn to mind its own business!

Late last week, the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner on Human Rights released a statement from radical feminist Frances Raday, who had just finished a 10-day tour of the States on behalf of the U.N., excoriating the state of Alabama for allegedly violating the rights of American women.

According to Raday, the state’s sensible voter identification laws are “problematic for women who change their name in marriage,” while the state’s state’s fiscally responsible decision to shut down extra voting centers makes “voting less accessible.”

So because the state of Alabama believes in practicing fiscal discipline and making voters show identification at the polling booths — the notions of which President Barack Obama hates — they are violating women’s rights, according to the U.N.

Raday, who serves as the vice chairperson for the U.N. Human Rights Council Working Group on Discrimination Against Women, also castigated Alabama for its allegedly poor “access to abortion procedures” and complained about the state’s requirement that women undergo an ultrasound before they decide to murder their baby.

Last but not least, the radical leftist slammed Alabama for not permitting “lawfully residing immigrants to enroll in Medicaid.” If by immigrants she meant non-citizens, then she might want to explain exactly why any non-citizen would deserve to leech money from a system built and funded by American citizens.

Raday’s entire U.N.-backed diatribe was nothing but a smear of the United States and our way of life — one that sounded awfully similar to the anti-American garbage President Barack Obama likes to spew.

It was also another clear sign of why Congress needs to pass the American Sovereignty Restoration Act of 2015, a bill by Rep. Mike Rogers that would permanently pull America out of the United Nations.

Source: ALERT: UN Targets Conservative State For Defying Obama’s Agenda… Yours Could Be Next