Gee, I NEVER saw that coming.

Recently, an Islamist shot a Philadelphia police officer because Allah told him to or something. And that’s probably the most you’ll hear of that, because Islam is a religion of peace so his actions obviously don’t represent Islam and all of the peaceful Muslims who are raping women in Germany migrating to Europe and assimilating like good little migrants.

You probably won’t hear much about this either. Maybe a little, but not much.

On Thursday, officials arrested a 23-year-old Iraqi-born Palestinian refugee in Sacramento, California for communicating with ISIS and plotting to travel BACK to the war-torn Middle East.

According to a criminal complaint against Al-Jayab, he communicated on social media about his intentions to return to Syria and also lied to citizenship officials about his travels to the country and ties to terrorist organizations.

Here he is, in all his self-absorbed insufferable hipster terrorist sympathizing glory:


Authorities also arrested a 24-year-old Middle Eastern immigrant in Houston, Texas for providing material to the Islamic State.

Meanwhile, another Middle Eastern immigrant named Omar Faraj Saeed al Hardan, 24, was arrested in Houston, Texas on Thursday as well on three charges of trying to provide material support to the Islamic state.

I have an idea!

Let’s think twice before we accept anyone who has a weird Middle Eastern name. I feel as though that would really weed out some potential terrorists. I mean, Omar Faraj Saeed al Hardan and Aws Mohammed Younis Al-Jayab? Tashfeen Malik?  Better yet, if part of your name contains the word “Mohammad” you have to get extra extra extra screening.

Too much? Maybe I’m kidding….

Source: Two Migrants Arrested For Helping ISIS – Chicks On The Right