An article recently published by a teachers’ group in Germany warned that little German girls should avoid befriending male Muslim refugees at all costs, lest they wind up as victims of sexual assault.

According to Deutsche Welle, Germany’s state-run international broadcaster, the article was published in the “Journal of the Philologists’ Association of Saxony-Anhalt” and was especially critical of “young, strong, mostly Muslim … often uneducated men,” many of whom are immigrating to Germany “under dubious pretenses.”

This comes on the heels of letters that had previously been sent to parents asking them to make sure their girls didn’t wear short skirts or revealing blouses to school so as not to entice Muslim refugees.

Not surprisingly, liberals in Germany cried foul. Saxony-Anhalt’s education minister, Stephan Dorgerloh, even accused the teachers’ group of “amplifying rumors, spreading half-truths and exploiting its value as a union.”

However, as the Conservative Tribune has frequently pointed out, rape has in fact become a not uncommon occurrence since refugees started pouring into Germany.

“(C)riminality among the refugees — meaning rapes of women and of children, massive use of violence, criminal activities such as exploitation, slavery — we see it all there,” Rainer Wendt, chief of the Germany police union, said last month, according to Breitbart.

What’s frightening is that this situation could soon transpire in the United States courtesy President Barack Obama, who seeks to import these same sorts of Muslim refugees into our own neighborhoods.

Source: ALERT: Teachers Issue Horrifying Warning To Little Girls About “Refugees”… Parents Be Warned