What a waste of time and money… again.

Even though the city is broke and deeply in debt, Chicago has somehow found money just lying around that it has decided to use to buyback firearms from city residents.

Former Obama administration crony and current Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel announced the creation of a $250,000 fund to be used to pay churches and community groups to take part in the gun buyback program.

This initiative came at a time when the city is facing an absurd level of violence, with a reported 2,468 shooting victims thus far this year, according to the Chicago Tribune.

The program is just the latest anti-gun effort by the city that already has a bevy of failed gun control laws, including an “assault weapons” ban, a “violence tax” on firearms and ammunition, and a dearth of legal gun stores due to incredibly strict regulations — not to mention ever-increasing gun violence.

As reported by WLS, the program would encourage churches and community groups to partner with the Chicago Police Department to conduct their own gun buyback events, with officers overseeing the event, collecting any firearms turned in and handing out $100 gift cards in exchange for each gun.

It is worth noting that gun buybacks typically don’t do very well in America, with Boston’s buyback program bringing in one single, solitary gun so far this year.

Source: ALERT: Rahm Emmanuel To Pay Churches To Help Get Guns From Americans… Spread This