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ISIS jihadist and Paris massacre mastermind Abdelhamid Abaaoud planted multiple sleeper cells “with all kind of weapons” in order to carry out future attacks in “the countries of the infidels,” according to an ISIS communication obtained by Breitbart Jerusalem.

The alarming message was issued by Mosul-based Abu Aisha, a leading member of ISIS’s central media bureau. It was transmitted to other jihadists via a closed group on Telegram, an encrypted instant message service that has been used by terrorist groups in the past.

A jihadist based in the Gaza Strip who is a member of the blocked Telegram group passed the communique to Breitbart Jerusalem.

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The full message, originally written in Arabic and seen at right, reads:

‘What Belgium is witnessing right now is only a very small part. Our brother, Abu Omar [Abaaoud], was preparing coordinated attacks in all the countries of the infidels and he had prepared for this purpose many sleeper cells with all kind of weapons.’

The Gazan jihadist who provided the intercept said he was in touch with Abu Aisha and further claimed that Abaaoud was preparing attacks inside Belgium and other parts of Europe since the beginning of the year.

The jihadist also claimed ISIS “will surprise Europe and will use different weapons.”

Belgium is on highest alert as law enforcement officials there widen their search for armed terrorists, citing information that more than one militant is at large.

The red alert has closed the capital’s public transportation system and residents have been instructed to avoid crowded areas. Police also urged the closure of museums, cinemas, and shopping centers.

Last week, ISIS released a new propaganda video threatening New York City, mixing images of Manhattan’s Times and Herald Squares with suicide bombers preparing to blow themselves up.

While ISIS is known for its exaggerated taunts, Abu Aisha’s message about “all kinds of weapons” comes after French Prime Minister Manuel Valls stated last week that his country is at risk of chemical and biological terrorist attacks.

When presenting a bill last Thursday to extend the state of emergency declared after the jihadi rampage in Paris, Valls stated, “We know that there could also be a risk of chemical or biological weapons.”

ISIS has already been accused of using chemical weapons against civilians in Iraq and Syria.

Source: ISIS: Sleeper Cells Prepped With ‘All Kinds Of Weapons’