isis capture jet

Photo: Iraqi News

This MUST be stopped, and quickly.

A new report coming out of Iraq and Syria indicated that the Islamic State group may be looking to use captured Syrian jets and helicopters to launch suicide attacks against their enemies, including U.S. troops stationed in the region.

According to the Washington Free Beacon, the terrorist group had five aircraft, including two Sukhoi Su-22 fighter jets, from the Syrian military.

The aircraft date from the 1980s and are woefully obsolete, at least in terms of their intended combat roles. However, if they were used in a 9/11 style mission, or something similar to the kamikaze attacks Japanese forces utilized during World War II, they could be nearly impossible to stop.

“The international coalition’s forces are trying to locate the whereabouts of two Sukhoi planes and three Russian-made helicopters from the 1980s that had been captured by Daesh (an alternative name for the Islamic State group, typically used in the European press) to destroy them before the latter can use them to carry out its plans,” an unidentified military officer with the coalition told the London-based Arabic language newspaper Al Arabi Al Jadid.

However, the planes were unable to fly due to defects which the Islamic State group does not know how to repair, the officer added. The group has advertised for jihadis who have the specialized knowledge to repair the planes to join their ranks.

In a recent posting on social media, the group said that “the Islamic State requires specialists in aeronautical engineering, mechanics, physics, chemicals, and metallurgy,” presumably for the planes.

It’s also been reported that several captured pilots have been executed after not assisting the Islamic State group in fixing the aircraft.

In August of 2014, it was reported that the Islamic State militants had captured the Su-22 fighter jets at Tabaqa airport in Raqqa, Syria. That was just a few months after President Barack Obama had referred to them as the “JV team.”

Source: ALERT: ISIS Launches New Strategy… ALL Our Troops in the Middle East Are Vulnerable