Even though they might not be worth as much as they used to be, coins are still considered a fortuitous commodity. After all, we’ve all heard of a lucky dime or pennies from heaven.

So, when you find a nickel or a penny jammed in your passenger side door after a day of shopping, you may think you’ve stumbled upon something felicitous. However, you would be dead wrong, and some claim that it could lead to a dangerous confrontation with some of society’s most vile thugs.

How so? Well, according to Sun Gazing, it’s the latest trend among thieves across the fruited plain.

What they’ll do is slip a coin under your car’s door handle, like so:

By doing this, a thief may be able to gain access to everything inside your car, or maybe even take the car itself if they’re clever enough.

“By slipping a coin under my door?” you may be saying. “Surely you have to be joking.” Well… sort of. According to Snopes.com, it’s very unlikely to actually work on most cars.


The theory is that, on certain car models, it will sense that the passenger side door is being opened because the handle is ever so slightly up. Therefore, when you try to lock it back up with your car remote, the car won’t lock.

The thief will follow you back, hoping that you didn’t notice the car didn’t lock. Then, what they’ll do is sneak into your car and take your valuables — or the entire car, should they be familiar with modern hotwiring techniques.

If you do see a coin in your door handle, make sure you’re aware of your surroundings. Contact store security and the police. It’s possible the perpetrator was caught on store surveillance.

Source: ALERT: If You Spot A Coin On Your Car Door, Do THIS Immediately… Spread This All Over