He’s 100 percent right, too.

Mr. President, the 1980s called. They want their military back. (And so do we.)

In spite of Barack Obama’s insistence that we have operational superiority over the Russians — and flashes of American military prowess — one highly respected retired colonel told Politico that our current military is “obsolete” and that American troops in a hypothetical U.S. armored division would lose a battle to a similarly armed Russian adversary if fighting started today.

“Defeated isn’t the right word,” retired Army Col. Douglas Macgregor said, according to the liberal news outlet. “The right word is annihilated.”

Macgregor, in particular, scoffed at a recent deployment of 500 troops and a number of Stryker armored vehicles to a base in Hungary in order to rattle sabers with the Russians.

The mission, called “Dragoon Crossing,” was about “demonstrating operational freedom of maneuver across Eastern Europe,” according to Army Col. John V. Meyer III.

Macgregor was not impressed.

“This Stryker parade won’t fool anyone in Moscow,” Macgregor told Politico.

“The Russians don’t do many things well, but they have been subverting, destabilizing, invading and conquering their neighbors since Peter the Great. And what’s our response? A small unit of light-armored trucks.”

Macgregor, viewed by many of his colleagues as one of the most innovative Army officers of his generation,  best-known for the battle of Operation Desert Storm in February 199, where he led his 2nd Cavalry force to a 23-minute victory over an entire Iraqi Armored Brigade consisting of 70 vehicles.

In the wake of the battle, however, Macgregor calculated that if his unit had fought a highly trained and better armed enemy, like the Russians, the outcome would have been different.

Macgregor’s truth-telling about the sorry state of the armed forces has ruffled some feathers inside Obama’s military, according to Politico.

The military is taking Macgregor’s challenge seriously, in part because the retired colonel has spurred interest in his reform ideas from one of the most important players in the defense community, Senate Armed Services Committee Chairman John McCain.

“Macgregor scares the hell out of the Army,” an unnamed senior Joint Chiefs war planner told Politico.

“What he has proposed is nothing less than the dismantling of the Big Green Machine, getting the Army to embrace a future of lighter, more agile forces than the big lumbering behemoth which takes forever to spool up and deploy. I’ll bet the armor and airborne guys are furious.”

Macgregor responds by pointing out that ultimate victory is not a matter of size.
“The problem with the U.S. Army is much bigger than numbers,” he says. “It’s not organized, equipped, or trained for a high end, conventional, integrated joint battle with a numerically and at least in some ways qualitatively superior enemy on the enemy’s chosen turf. In the simulation, it’s Russia. But it could just as easily be China. Even if you increased the Army to 600,000 in its current form … it would still fail. That’s the problem and, by the way, the Army knows it.”

Source: ALERT: Hero Army Commander Drops Bombshell About Obama & “Annihilation” of U.S. Troops…

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