This is going too far.

In what can only be considered an incredibly bizarre move by Comcast, they have ordered the National Rifle Association to remove pictures of firearms from ads for its Gun and Outdoor Megashow before they are aired.

This attempt to stifle the First and Second Amendments was conveyed via email to the NRA: “The good news is there are just some small tweaks that need to happen in order to run the schedules in all the markets we have set up for the Great American Outdoor Show.”

These ads are scheduled to run in 12 different TV markets in Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia and West Virginia.

There were no explanations as to why the changes needed to take place, only the necessity to comply in order for the ads to air. The NRA was just casually stripped of their First Amendment rights.

The email continued: “Both ads submitted yesterday entitled, (Family & Exhibit) will need to remove any and all images of rifles, shooting ranges, and handguns, when this is complete our MCC (control center) department and legal department will evaluate for approval.”

There will be an estimated 200,000 attendees at the megashow, which will be held Feb. 6-14 at the Pennsylvania Farm Show Complex.

The NRA was understandably upset.

“Any way you cut it, the shooting sports are a significant part of the show. Why shouldn’t we be allowed to advertise for one of the Great American Outdoor Show’s main areas?” said NRA spokesman Kyle Jillson.

They are not planning on backing down, either. They explained that to not show firearms in their advertising would be a disservice:

“We designed an ad campaign to depict the events, activities, and sights people could expect to see at the Great American Outdoor Show. To remove a crucial aspect of the show from our ads would be a major disservice to people who may be interested in attending. We do not have plans to alter the ads at this time.”

Source: ALERT: Comcast Makes Sick Move to Ban Guns From TV