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In all of the debate about illegal immigration and the resettlement of Muslims in the United States, most of the attention is directed to shoring up security along our southern border with Mexico, with the northern border with Canada being all but ignored.

That may soon change though, following an eye-opening congressional hearing regarding the security status of the U.S.-Canadian border, according to WND.

At the heart of the newfound concern over the state of the northern border is the stated intention of liberal Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to “fast track” the importation of up to 50,000 Muslims refugees from the Middle East, mostly women and children from Syria and Iraq, before the end of 2016.

This has members of Congress and the Border Patrol extremely worried, as the U.S.-Canadian border is proudly heralded as the world’s longest undefended international border, stretching for more than 5,520 miles, from Washington to Maine.

Shockingly, a member of the U.S. Border Patrol that represented the National Border Patrol Council testified to Congress that there are only about 300 agents guarding the vast stretch of border at any given time.

The number of agents equates to roughly one guard for every 13.5 miles of open border, as opposed to the nearly 2,000 agents assigned to the southern border, equaling roughly one agent per mile.


Making matters worse, Canada and the U.S. are both part of the visa waiver program, which allows for individuals from friendly countries to travel back and forth freely, meaning any Canadian can come to the U.S. without a visa.

Furthermore, it is highly unlikely that Canada will be capable of adequately screening the tens of thousands of refugees being rushed into the country for political purposes by the prime minister, as even our own FBI has stated that it is an impossible task.

This news should cause alarm for Americans, as it reveals how woefully unprepared our nation is to secure and protect itself and its citizens from those who seek to do harm and cause chaos.

Source: RED ALERT: 50,000 Muslims Find New Way Into U.S., and It’s NOT the Southern Border