AG Lynch Previews Obama's Terror Address: No Option But Gun Control to Stop Killings Click to Tweet

Is Loretta Lynch WORSE, Even More Radical Than Eric Holder?


President Barack Obama really has no option but to urge gun control after the San Bernardino killings because Americans are always “in the middle” of a discussion on gun control anyway, Attorney General Loretta Lynch said in a Dec. 6  interview on Meet the Press.

Obama will use his Sunday night address to the nation to discuss “what government is doing to ensure…the protection of the American people,” Lynch said.

“I think he’ll talk about the actions that we’ve taken, not just since 9/11, but since Paris, to help keep the American people and American interests safe,” she said, adding “You may hear [Obama] call on Congress to review measures and take action as well.”

“Is this a time for a gun control conversation?” interjected Chuck Todd, the interviewer.

“I think we’re in the middle of that conversation–we always are,” she responded. “When we have the incidents that we have seen–we’re talking about this terrible San Bernardino shooting now, a week ago we were talking about Planned Parenthood in Colorado.”


She did not differentiate between the motives behind a political attack in San Bernardino, and a criminal attack Colorado Springs. Instead, both are lumped together as random violent crime.

Source: AG Lynch Previews Obama’s Terrorism Address: Gun Control ‘Always’ Part of Conversation