Even the scanner knows something is wrong here… =)

From Politistick: As Western civilization descends even further down the rabbit hole of moral relativism and civic decline, we are forced to encounter ridiculousness on a daily basis. From banning kids from playing tag to our cultural obsession with “celebrities” who are famous for being famous, it’s pretty clear that our society is quite backwards.

One such area of ridiculousness is the liberal assertion that feelings should trump reality. That is why we are expected to validate the delusions of men who believe themselves to be women, and vice-versa. However, as we fortify this belief that realities pale in comparison to delusions, we encounter problems such as the one that recently occurred in Orlando, Florida.

A man who identifies as a woman named Shadi Petosky recently went through a body scanner before boarding a flight. However, the scanner picked up an “anomaly”- his penis.

Petosky had stepped into the female line and the TSA agents were perplexed by the anomaly. He was told that he would have to go through the male line, but in a scene that has become all-too-common, the traveler switched to “social justice” mode and the incident became an ordeal.

“I stepped into the full body scanner, the TSA agent looked at me and pressed the F button. The scanner picked up an ‘anomaly’ in my crotch area.”

“I said, ‘I’m transgender. That’s my penis,’. The TSA officer then said something like, ‘If you are a man, then go back in the machine and we’ll run you as a man’.”

“I’m transgender. I am a woman, but I have an atrophied penis, trying to make it kind of not a big deal,” he replied.

The TSA officer replied, “If you don’t want to be run as a man, we’ll have to search you. Are you a man or a woman?”

The TSA agent then asked if he wanted to be patted-down by a man or a woman. This, reportedly, made Petosky “freeze” as he did not want to be patted-down by a man, but did not want to have a woman do it, either…

Source: A Transgender ‘Woman’ Makes a Scene When TSA Bodyscanner Detects an ‘Anomaly’ in the Crotch Area – Freedom Daily