A Christmas Toy Drive On This US Air Force Base Was Just Grounded For An UNBELIEVABLE PC Reason - Click to Tweet

The determined fight against the expression of any Christian sentiment or charity in the U.S. military continues, and now a commander at a Delaware Air Force base has quickly waved the white flag of surrender.

This commander’s assistant, identified as Valencia Branch, reportedly wanted to let people know about an opportunity to help give children around the world a brighter, happier Christmas by helping out a Christian charity, but now an activist organization that tries to remove any religious references for the U.S. military wants her punished…maybe fired!

The anti-theists at the Military Religious Freedom Foundation were told about an email several service members received from Valencia Branch, the administrative assistant for Lt. Col. Donald C. Tasker, squadron commander for the 436th Force Support Squadron based in Dover, Delaware. The email described a Christian charity’s effort to collect presents to send to “children in desperate situations.” That rallied the Military Religious Freedom Foundation (MRFF) into quick combat. MRFF president Mikey Weinstein wrote his own email, calling for the woman’s head.

“Ms. Branch has made it indubitably lucid in her very public endorsement that the prime purpose of [Operation Christmas Child] and the partnership with [Calvary Christian Academy] is to evangelize, proselytize, and otherwise spread her personally preferred version of the Christian religion to impoverished children under the overwhelmingly transparent guise of giving them gifts and, in an indisputable and shocking violation of regulations, has used her official Air Force position to do so,” The Blaze reports of Weinstein’s letter.

Weinstein demanded that Col. Tasker renounce support for the event and start doling out punishment.

“MRFF further demands that appropriate and aggressive remedial actions of punishment be taken against Ms. Branch as well as any others either directly or indirectly involved (which may very well include you, sir, as her immediate supervisor and Squadron Commander),” the letter read.

Tasker knelt before the power of the politically correct crowd…

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