'A Charlie Brown Christmas' airs with trigger warnings (Parody) Click to Tweet

(***Editor Note: The following article is a parody, written and published by www.ThePeoplesCube.com.)

A Charlie Brown Christmas, a recent holiday tradition with strong Christian undertones, celebrated its 50th Anniversary on ABC Family last night. The program suffered low ratings, as it has for the past few years, but that is not what has upset many watchdog groups that frantically blew their whistles shortly after the start of the 50th premiere.

Before the opening scene and after every commercial break, ABC Family used a disclaimer warning audiences of potentially “offensive and dangerous” religious content found in the dialogue of the program, similar to the disclaimers seen on adult shows that warn viewers of graphic content or strong language. The disclaimer in question for Charlie Brown read: “WARNING: This program contains strong Christian messages and may be offensive to some viewers. Viewer discretion advised.”

The disclaimer was admittedly a compromise demand to see the show…

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