About a month ago, Jamie Coder of Fort Wayne, Indiana, fell down a flight of stairs and was knocked unconscious.

Unsure what to do, her son, Alex Hayes, 4, dialed 911 and began singing his home address over and over again.

“With the littleness and the shrillness in his voice, it was hard to get the address at first, but he was very awesome and repeated it over and over,” operator Manda Overly told WMAQ. “He told me that Mommy fell down. We just got help there as soon as we could.”

It turned out that his mother had used a method she learned in a child development class in high school to teach him his address and phone number.

“There I learned if you teach a child a child any kind of music or a rhyme, they will actually pick it up quicker,” she explained.

Apparently, the clever tactic worked — and much to Coder’s benefit, as she wound up getting the help she needed because of it.

Plus, Alex himself was reportedly awarded with Fort Wayne’s first ever “Kid Hero” award on Friday for his brave actions.

What a brave little boy and kuddos to his mom for teaching him for teaching him important information in such an ingenious way.

Source: 911 Operator Picks Up, Hears 4-Year-Old Singing and Instantly Realizes He Needs Help