He’s getting exactly what he deserves!

Two days after Jackson, Mississippi, Councilman Kenneth Stokes told reporters that black people in his city should “throw rocks and bricks and bottles” at local police officers to keep them away, Gov. Phil Bryant fired back with an epic dose of justice.

“Mr. Stokes’ remarks are reprehensible, particularly with the attacks we have seen against our men and women in law enforcement,” he wrote on his Facebook page Saturday. “I condemn any such remarks in the strongest possible manner. This is nothing short of an outright assault upon all who wear the badge.”

Now here’s the kicker: “I will be asking Attorney General Jim Hood to investigate whether Mr. Stokes’ remarks represent criminal threats against law enforcement officers.”


Not only did Bryant issue tough criticism that could conceivably affect Stokes’ chances of ever being re-elected, but he also made it clear that he will not tolerate an elected official making remarks more suited to a race-baiter instigating a riot.

Stokes should have known better than to say something so despicable. Why did he even say such a thing in the first place? He felt frustration with police officers reportedly chasing suspects through his constituents’ neighborhoods.

And why isn’t he charge with “hate speech” for inciting violence against police officers?

But instead of directing his anger at the suspects, he pointed it at the very police officers who put their lives on the line to daily bring these sorts of thugs to justice.

Source: 48 Hours After Miss. Official Was Reported Calling for Attacks on Cops, Justice Hits Him HARD