UPDATE: Hillary Declares War on Voting Laws

Billionaire Soros is Financing Attack on Scott Walker’s New Voter I.D. Law
Dear Conservative,

Hillary Rodham Clinton has declared war on America’s voting laws, including Gov. Scott Walker’s new Voter I.D. law in Wisconsin.

This is nothing short of a brazen attempt by Clinton and the Democrats to cheat and steal elections.

What’s more, billionaire liberal George Soros is funding the legal attacks in Wisconsin and Ohio.

According to NewsMax, “Billionaire philanthropist George Soros has agreed to spend as much as $5 million on Democrats’ court battles against voting laws passed in recent years by Republican-controlled state governments such as in Ohio and Wisconsin.”

“The lawsuits include attacks on voter ID requirements, time restrictions on early voting that make it difficult to cast ballots on the weekend before Election Day, and rules nullifying ballots that are cast in wrong precincts.”

As Governor of Wisconsin, Scott Walker signed into law one of the nation’s most robust voter integrity laws.

Hillary especially hates Scott Walker’s Voter I.D. law. She says it’s intended to keep blacks, Hispanics, and poor minorities from voting through intimidation.

But the truth is that Hillary Clinton wants to cheat — big time. She knows the Democrats can no longer WIN elections at the ballot box — especially in “blue” Wisconsin.

And this is just the tip of the Clinton sleazeberg.

Hillary’s taking her attack to Voter I.D. laws nationwide.

This week, “she attacked Texas’s Rick Perry, Wisconsin’s Scott Walker, Florida’s Jeb Bush and New Jersey’s Chris Christie — telling them to “stop fear-mongering about a phantom epidemic of voter fraud,” reports CNN.
“‘All of these problems voting just didn’t happen by accident,’ she said. ‘And it is just wrong — it’s wrong — to try to prevent, undermine and inhibit Americans’ right to vote.'”
What a total crock! We cannot let the Democrats get away with it.

Gov. Scott Walker will FIGHT for Wisconsin’s robust Voter I.D. law, just as he has done all along — refusing to be intimidated.

But we really need Scott Walker FIGHTING for all of America!

Isn’t it time for Republicans to nominate a bold, conservative candidate for President, who is willing to FIGHT for OUR VALUES?

Go Here RIGHT NOW to Pledge Your Support for Scott Walker. Any contribution — whether it’s $10, $50, $100, $250 or even $2,500 — would be incredibly helpful.

‘Go Big, Go Bold’ — Conservative leadership for America — Scott Walker 2016!

Go Scott, Go!

Bob Adams
Go Big, Go Bold PAC

P.S. — As Scott Walker tours early primary states like South Carolina, Iowa, and New Hampshire, it is critical for conservatives to rally their support behind Scott Walker.

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