3 storm chasers die in car wreck Click to Tweet

A fatal car crash occurred on Tuesday afternoon near Spur, Texas, involving three storm chasers amid a severe weather outbreak.

Kelley Williamson, Randy Yarnall and Corbin Jaeger were killed upon impact, according to police. Williamson and Yarnall were contractors for The Weather Channel, featured in the network’s special program Storm Wranglers.

The two cars collided at a rural crossroad as the chasers were in the middle of a livestream. Investigators believe that one of the two vehicles ran a stop sign.

“Kelley and Randy were beloved members of the weather community,” The Weather Channel said in a statement. “We are saddened by this loss and our deepest sympathies go out to the families and loved ones of all involved.”

Jaeger was also a storm chaser for MadWx. According to his biography on the company’s website, he’s been chasing since 2014.

Texas Department of Public Safety troopers said that the weather did not directly cause the accident, although a tornado-warned thunderstorm was nearby.

Source: 3 storm chasers die in car wreck