A strong storm in Ireland topples a large, old tree, exposing far more in the resultant hole in the ground than just the cluster of roots.

Entangled among the massive root system of the 215-year-old tree were part of the skeletal remains of a human, with the rest of the skeleton still in the ground where the tree had once stood tall.

The fallen tree and skeletal remains were discovered near the town of Collooney in Sligo County, and though the tree is only two centuries old, the human remains are estimated to be 800-1,000 years old.

Analysis of the skeletal remains reveal the bones to have belonged to a man aged 17-20 years old, who “suffered a violent death during the early medieval period” between the years 1030 and 1200.

According to The Blaze, inspections of the bones showed injuries to the man’s ribs and hands, believed to be knife or sword wounds, though it was not immediately clear whether the wounds were suffered in a great medieval battle or merely some sort of personal dispute.

Source: PHOTOS: 200-Year-Old Tree Topples During Storm… Reveals Medieval Secret Hidden Underneath