1. Why didn’t Hillary Clinton convene the State Dept. security task force to dispatch the in extremis force (rescue team) in Libya?
  2. Why didn’t Obama go to the situation room, like the “dude” formerly at the NSC said he didn’t?
  3. Where was Obama the whole night while our Ambassador was missing?
  4. Why was no rescue operation even sent to aid people in an attack that lasted 8 hours and came in three waves in a former warzone? If it’s S.O.P. to aid diplomats, what prevented a rescue operation from being launched?
  5. Who issued the “stand down” orders to prevent the standard protocol of attempting to aid diplomats in harm’s way?
  6. Why did the Libyan government say no flyover authority was even requested? Because there was no intention to rescue the people at Benghazi?
  7. If the White House knew from the first day that it was a terrorist attack (and State Dept. emails show that is the case), then why did they push the lie about the video… for days?
  8. As Hicks said, there was no spontaneous protest at Benghazi, and NO ONE said there was one, then how did a video cause a non-existent protest?

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