Staggering Bush to Come Out Swinging Against Walker & Rubio

New York Times

As he prepares to make his candidacy official on Monday, Jeb Bush, a former governor of Florida, finds himself part of a pack of candidates and the target of questions about his competence…

Other than raising the money, little has gone as he had hoped. He has been torn between defending and distancing himself from George W. Bush, been unable to assuage party activists uneasy with his immigration and education views, and run into a wall of opposition on the right…

The Bush campaign sees Mr. Rubio as vulnerable on his Senate record, which is short on legislative success and includes shifts on immigration, and on his history of managing his finances. And they regard Mr. Walker, too, as susceptible to attack on issues on which he has changed his positions, according to the advisers. By hiring Mr. Diaz, Mr. Bush wanted to send a clear signal that “the culture of the Bush operation will now be a Pickett’s Charge engagement campaign with his main opponents,” according to one Bush ally.

Source: Jeb Bush Works to Recover From a Shaky Start


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