Day 48/365

She deserves jail time.

Latausha Nedd, the black militant activist who goes by the pseudonym “Eye Empress Sekhmet,” didn’t fair well in her first day of court after being arrested recently for uploading bizarre YouTube videos in which she threatened acts of violence against police officers and police stations.

According to WSB-TV, Nedd faced a preliminary hearing on Thursday in front of Clayton County Judge Wanda Dallas — also a black woman — to determine if Nedd’s case was eligible for criminal charges in Superior Court.As Dallas cited the various racist and anti-cop threats in her video that Nedd’s lawyer tried to defend as free speech, the judge wasn’t having it. She had an epic message for the black community when she looked Nedd in the eye and said:

“More violence to protest violence gets us nowhere.”

“You show two police officers and say it’s open season on killing cracker cops,” the judge said. “(D)oes that fix the problems that we have in this country?”

That was a direct reference to her over-the-top video, which she used to “inflame and incite” domestic terrorism, according to Judge Dallas — and anyone else with common-sense who has seen it.

Judge Dallas found probable cause to move the case forward with at least four charges.

Nedd’s supporters rallied outside of the courthouse and, instead of holding a professional protest that might have convinced a few people to take them seriously, they showed up in ragtag clothing and spewed filthy language the entire time, even though police politely asked them not to do that.

Nedd is a violent, wannabe cop-killing thug — and she’s about to do serious prison time for it. Case closed.


Source: BOOM: Black Judge BLASTS #BlackLivesMatter Rioter… Sends Amazing Message to Blacks Everywhere